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Travel Edition

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Travel JournalsTravel Accessories Journals

The Ultimate Travel Gifts!

If you’re looking for travel accessories, Nomad Travel Journals are the most comprehensive travel journals available. From family vacations to student travel to adventure travel, this travel journal offers plenty of room to keep a travel diary of your experiences. The journals make great travel gifts and include space for the following entries.

  • New lay-flat binding and embossed cover
  • Detailed location entries
  • Business/Tours/Guides section
  • Recommended maps and guidebooks
  • Currency/exchange rate information
  • Weather conditions
  • Grub & Grog
  • Lined pages for your own notes
  • 120 pages (60 daily entries)

$27.00 Journal w/case (case color is grey)
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$38.00 Journal w/Leather case
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$15.00 Journal Only -
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Journal only: 5”x7”
Journal w/case: 6”x8”


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